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Yihui Polishing Cleaner Grinding Brightener

Products are wirely used in deburring and brighting stainless steel,ferrous,non-ferrous metal and other parts.
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  • Suitable range:

    1. Stainless steel parts and accessories, such as tableware, medical equipment, standard parts, decorative parts, etc.
    2. Aluminum alloy die-casting parts: such as motorcycle parts, aluminum alloy housings in hardware tools, spray gun shells, automotive aluminum alloy die-casting parts, etc.
    3. Ferrous metal parts, such as: bearings, gears, textile accessories, oil pump nozzles, pneumatic components, daily hardware tools, etc.
    4. Copper parts, zinc die-casting parts, powdered metallurgical parts: such as toys, sanitary ware, etc.


    1. Deburr, remove oxide scale, rust spots etc..
    2. The surface is smooth and finished, and the base is electroplated
    3. Improve the gloss of the metal surface, make the various parts shiny, and make the various parts brighter instead of manual hand polishing, and at the same time make the parts not easy to oxidize, not easy to rust, and have a short-term anti-rust effect.

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