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Yihui 50W Desktop Laser Marker

The machine is widely used in many industries like jewelry, craft gift, furniture, leather, etc
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  • Yihui 50W desktop laser marker

    Technical parameters
    Model                                                  M.SW.DKL50C-Z
    Laser Source                                             Ytterbium Fiber Laser
    Laser Power 20W,30W,50W,80W,100W,120W etc.
    Laser Wave Length 1064mm
    Beam quality M2 <1.3
    Laser Frequency 20-200KHz
    Laser Lifespan 100000 hours(average)
    Min Line Width 0.01mm
    Min Character Height 0.2mm
    Repeatability 0.001mm
    Cooling System Build-in air cool
    Marking Table X,Y,Z
    Cutting  Thickness Up to 0.3mm
    Marking Depth Up to 0.3mm
    Marking speed ≤7000mm/s
    Max Power Consumption 800W
    Power Supply 220V/50Hz
    Marking Dimensions 900*460*820mm
    Packing size 1100*510*900mm
    Machine weight 78Kg(Net Wt.)/110Kg(Gr.Wt.)
    Marking Area 100*100mm,50*50mm,150*150mm



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