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2W Laser Marking Machine

The machine is used for metallic material marking,engraving,non-oxidation
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  • 2W Laser Marking Machine

    Model DKLM-2 DKLM-5
    Laser type/wavelength Nd:YAG/1064nm Nd:YAG/1064nm
    Laser peak power 2W 5W
    Laser beam quality 1.2 1.2
    Power stability <3% <3%
    Marking range 50*50mm,70*70mm,110*110mm etc.
    Marking depth ≤0.15mm ≤0.20mm
    Maximum marking speed 7000mm/s
     Minimum marking line width ≤0.01mm 
    Minumum character height ≤0.1mm

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