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Yihui brand pneumatic mould vulcanizer

Fully automatic control system to control vulcanizing pressure, no need manual working, improved pressure accuracy during vulcanizing process. The whole process is visible and controllable, it is good jewelry machines for high end jewelry production.
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    Z.M.YM.YM-2 Pneumatic Vulcanizer

    A good jewerly machine for your jewerly  production 


    YM-2 Pneumatic Vulcanizer is the new generation of intelligent machine, pneumatic up and down, easy to adjust the pressure and time according to different rubber mould. Whole working process is visible, so heating , pressing, vulcanizing is more feasible, image monitor screen, easy operation.It is a first chose of jewerly machines supplier and of jewerly factory. 



    Model            Z.M.YM.YM-2
    Powe r supply 220V 50HZ
    Input power 1.2W
    Temp display range 20℃ ~ 200℃
    Wokring table size L 200mm* W200mm*H100mm
    Machine size Φ405*570mm
    Weight 68KG






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