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Jewelry Diamond Automatic Stone Setting Machine Metal Diamond Waxing Machine

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    Device name Mini-type smart stereoscopic wax inlay machine
    (3-tip 2-stone, plate feed)
    Device model SN-XZ3T-LV-V2
    Machine weight 330KG
    Inlaid stone speed Theoretical speed 6000-8000CPH
    Machine size 750mm*700mm*1400mm
    Package size 1010mm*860mm*1580mm
    Transmission mode Grinding screw
    Power rating 3.2KW
    Machine tool structure Cantilever structure
    Number of suction nozzle 3 Nozzles
    Electron microscope 1000 times
    Control system Bus-mastering
    Drive system High precision servo drive system + Stepping motor
    X/Y/Z Effetcive travel X1:200 X2:280 Y:300 Z:90(mm)
    Operation method Touch screen / Handheld numeric keypad
    Working air pressure 80psi(0.6Mpa)
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