YIHUI Launches IW-6 Vacuum Wax Injector for Precise Wax Injection

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YIHUI has unveiled its latest product, the IW-6 Vacuum Wax Injector, designed for accurate and efficient wax injection for a variety of wax injection applications. This industrial-grade machine features stable air pressure, precise temperature control, and reliable operation, making it an ideal choice for professional users.

The IW-6's stable air pressure system ensures consistent and precise injection of wax into molds, resulting in a smooth and even surface finish. The machine's accurate temperature control, enabled by a digital controller, ensures that the wax is injected at the right temperature, reducing the risk of defects and improving surface quality.

The IW-6's reliable operation is due to its high-quality components from first-line brands, ensuring that the machine runs smoothly and reliably with minimal downtime. The machine is also equipped with a hand lift clamp for easy mold opening and closing, providing greater control over the casting process.

With its advanced features, the IW-6 Vacuum Wax Injector is sure to impress customers looking for a high-quality casting experience. Contact YIHUI today to learn more about this innovative product.
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Created on:2023-05-16 17:33