How to use a small gold melting machine?

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What is a small gold melting furnace?

  For jewelry designers, jewelry craftsmen and many folk gold miners, equipment such as mini gold dissolving machine has long been an inseparable part of them. Whether it is in handmade or refining smelting, it is often needed. Although there are many kinds of gold melting machines on the market, the most important thing is that the equipment is practical. For example, the operability, convenience and high degree of intelligence of the equipment make it convenient for craftsmen to melt and refine metal materials and metal particles of different shapes and sizes into a complete piece, so as to make the products they want to present Gold and silver jewelry, handicrafts.



So for you who have just entered the industry, how do you operate such equipment as a small gold melting machine?

First of all, before using a small gold melting machine, we need to prepare the materials needed in the process, such as crucible pliers, graphite oil tank, protective gloves, melting materials, graphite crucible, etc

Then, wear protective equipment and check whether the power supply and cooling water have been connected.

The small gold melting furnace can be connected with 220 V domestic power supply, and the cooling water can be exported and injected into the water inlet and outlet

Finally, put the melting crucible into the coil, turn on the power after the melting metal is embedded in the crucible, and press the start button to adjust the power to the maximum.

The metal in the crucible will melt completely in about 2 minutes. At this time, you can press the stop button of the mini gold dissolving machine, clamp out the crucible with crucible pliers, and pour the liquid metal into the graphite tank. After 5 minutes, turn off the main power switch and wait for the metal liquid to cool and form.



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