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Yihui brand plastic grinding stone

Plastic grinding stones are also called resin grinding stones, commonly used in terms of aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, lead-tin alloy, magnesium alloy, copper, resin (plastic), etc.Rough grinding, medium and fine grinding and polishing at one time to achieve a bright effect.
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  • Plastic grinding stones are also called resin grinding stones, commonly used in terms of aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, lead-tin alloy, magnesium alloy, copper, resin (plastic), etc.Rough grinding, medium and fine grinding and polishing at one time to achieve a bright effect.

    It is also used to remove the front, burr, chamfer,  fine grinding before electroplating for some softer products, and is often used for furniture hardware (such as handles, locks, etc.), luggage hardware (such as belt buckles, luggage buckles , Shoe buckles, etc.), there are mainly cones, tetrahedrons, bullets and pyramids. Users can choose the specifications of the grinding stone according to the shape and size of the product.

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