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Yihui Brand Jewelry 209 Casting Wax

Light Blue,Good flexibility,Suitable for Big jewelry and artwork casting
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    Model Melting point Injection temp Flash ponint Specific gravity Volume shrinkage Colour



     YH.W.205A  65℃~72℃  70℃~75℃  240℃  <1(0.8-0.9)(H20=1)  1%  Pink 285 
     YH.W.206A  65℃~72℃  70℃~75℃  240℃  <1(0.8-0.9)(H20=1)  1%  Jade green 285 
     YH.W.208A  65℃~72℃  70℃~75℃  240℃  <1(0.8-0.9)(H20=1)  1%  Aqua green 285 
     YH.W.209A  65℃~72℃  70℃~75℃  240℃  <1(0.8-0.9)(H20=1)  1%  Light bule 285 
     YH.W.215A  65℃~75℃  68℃~75℃  240℃  <1(0.8-0.9)(H20=1)  1-1.5%  pink 285 
     YH.W.216A  65℃~75℃  68℃~75℃  240℃  <1(0.8-0.9)(H20=1)  1-1.5%  Jade green 285
    YH.W.218A 65℃~75℃ 68℃~75℃ 240℃ <1(0.8-0.9)(H20=1) 1-1.5% Aqua green 285
     YH.W.219A  65℃~75℃  68℃~75℃  240℃  <1(0.8-0.9)(H20=1)  1-1.5%  Light  bule 285









    Yihui Casting Technology Co., Ltd, established in March, 2003, through more than10 years effort, has developed as a

    professional supplier in providing integrated lost wax casting solutions, manufacturing jewelry casting machines and

    materials, specializing in casting technology research & development and application. Under Yihui brand, we own

    Shenzhen Yihui Casting Technology Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Ruihui Casting Machinery Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Xinhui Casting 

    Material Co., Ltd., Dongguan  Yihui Casting Technology Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Yihui Jewelry Tools Co., Ltd, and other

    manufacturing and selling companies. 

    Additionally, Yihuicasting have graphite products making factory, ceramic products making factory, machines making

    factory. Relying on Yihui brand, centering on casting realted products, complete products supplying system has been 

    formed, meanwhile, we are agent of world known brand jewlery tools and consumables. Products range covers all

    the jewelry making procedures, which are widely used in jewelry, watches, glasses, dental, glaze, and other precision

    loss wax casting industry, which have been exported  far to South-east Asia, Mid-east, European and

    American countries. 


    • Colorful
      Jade Green
    • Melting Temperature
      65 to 75℃
    • Flash Temperature
    • Volume Shrinkage
    • Viscosity
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