2023 Keep going

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With the end of the Spring Festival holiday, our company's projects have sounded the resumption of work and production "assembly", power sprint Year of the Rabbit "off to a good start".

Roll up your sleeves and work hard!

We will continue to promote the following machines in 2023:

Hot sell: wax injection machine, digital gold melting machine, casting machine

New design and new features: Mini melting furnace machine.

Printers: White wax printer, VAN30 printer and VAN40 printer.

We are a professional total solution provider for lost wax casting. Our products are suitable for jewelry, watches, glasses, dentistry, glass and other precision lost wax casting industries.

Over the years, Yihui Casting Technology Co., Ltd. to many well-known enterprises at home and abroad to provide quality services, the company's production and sales of machines and technical services by the outside world, and many well-known enterprises long-term cooperation, common development.

Created on:2023-02-01 18:12