The second International Jewelry Fair in Egypt

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On December 10th, our company will hold the second Egypt International Gold and Jewelry Exhibition in New Cairo International Exhibition Center, Egypt. Welcome to visit~

Our key exhibition products are: DVC-II casting machine, wax injection machine, digital display gold melting machine, new mini gold melting machine...



1.DVC-II casting machine: This is an automatic vacuum pressure casting machine,it use first-line brands core parts like SMC,Fujj,Schneider and other to ensure equipment accuracy and reduce the failure rate. The product operation is simple and the design is reasonable.


2.IW-Pro Vacuum wax injector: The product features the controller and the wax injection case separate heat insulation, full fit technology, and the wax injection success rate is 99%. one-key exhaust and wax discharge funtion,digital barometer.


3.Digital display gold melting machine:The DF Series Gold melting machine is a digital induction heating power  supply{registered trademark dspwer}


4.New DSP mini melting furnace machine:Digital DSP mini induction furnace is a digital induction heating power,  heating speed, very suitable for metal smelting, adopts full aluminum chassis frame structure,  the aluminum shell with heat insulation, heat faster, after sandblasting oxidation treatment,  most industrial aesthetics, the machine light and portable, can adjust position, panel is concise, one key start,  the operation is simple.


Created on:2022-11-25 18:05