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You can find many kinds of graphite crucibles here. We have been supplying graphite crucibles and graphite moulds to clients for years. We offer different sizes,different shapes and different materials. These products are very popular among clients. You can choose from our products according to your needs. We are a professional graphite company. We can provide you with high quality graphite crucibles and graphite moulds. 

Apply high purity,high density graphite materials,equipped with excellent experts and high precision CNC equipment to supply clients with high quality graphite melting crucible,graphite casting crucible.graphite ingot mould,graphite mould for tube,wire,too many various sizes ti be listed out,you are welcom to Yihuicasting who make products as n per your requirement.

Selected special materials,durability of Yihui graphite products dounles comon material made,long working life and anti more than 2000℃ high temp.

Main features:
1.Good thermal stability,considering sudden heat coldd workng condition,we apply special raw materials.
2.Good ability to anti corrosion,impact to ensure reliability of product quality.

3.Anti strong acid,anti strong alkali.Impact resistance:graphite crucible can withstand strong heat inpact,therefore your can use it fore any workmanship process.
4.Good thermal conductivity:due to its high thermal conductivity,you can shorten melting time,sacing  energy.
5.Ash conten
t is less than 300pp,melting can not be polluted during melting process.

Created on:2022-10-12 17:09