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Z.M.CM.IC1000 gold bar machine is for casting 1kg gold bar or silver bar.Put the graphite ingot mould into the melting chamber.

here is vacumm and protective air in melting and cooling process to avoid metal and graphite ingot oxidation.protective gas can be argon or nitrogen.

Here are its product features:
The gold bar machine have two model:Z.M.CM.IC1000 and Z.M.CM.IC4000.
The two models have something in common:
models is 3phase380V,50/60Hz
Ingot casting method is Vacuum ingot.
Coolig way is Water cooling machine

The model isZ.M.CM.IC1000 its Size of Graphite ingot mould is 1kg.Size is 600*560*950mm.Weight is 120kg.Power is 15KW.

The model isZ.M.CM.IC4000 its Size of Graphite ingot mould is 1*4kg/4*1KG.Size is 300*700*1030mm.Weight is 300kg.Power is 45KW.

Created on:2022-09-30 16:31