White Wax 3D PRINTER

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The 3D wax printer uses a special material that contains oxgen-permeable film with weak release force. This kind of material has advantages as follows:

Firstly,oxygen permeates the ilm,which makes the resin solidification process slower.This is helpful to reduce the occurrence of defects in the printed product.The stronger the release force of the film,the quicker the solidification will be.

This means that the printing time will be shorter.Secondly,the oxgen in the air mixes with the resin.This helps to make the printed product much more soft and flexible.Thirdly,the resin solidification process includes an oxidization step.

Most 3D printers today have different problems. The one we want to introduce here has been designed by ourselves. The 3D printer adopts the oxgen-permeable film,with weak release force.It’s the most widely used in our daily lives.

For example,we can buy clothes,bags and shoes which have been treated with the same material.After using the product for a while,you’ll find the product itself is no longer sticky.The oxigen-permeable film has a feature that the oxygen in the air is easy to enter,but easy to release,which makes the product breathable.

Created on:2022-09-16 17:49