DSP Digital gold melting machine

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Since the establishment of Yihui Company on 2003, we have sold our products more than 80 countries.

We had developed our distributors in various countries. Including Brazil,Argentina,Chile,Peru,India,Indonesia  thailand,Saudi Arabia,Egypt,Tunisia,Czech etc.

In the current downturn of the market economy, our foreign trade market is still in the form of growth.Thanks for our old and new customer support!

Today is to focus on the introduction of our DSP Digital gold melting machine products,

The DF Serines Gold melting machine has hingh chromaticity ,gesture sliding LCD screen,Chinese and English switching,and simple operation.

DSP Products Features:

1.The DF Series Gold melting machine is a digital induction heating power supply{registered trademark dspwer}

2.The heating frequency is very suitabale for metal melting,which can be usd for 1400℃ superalloy melting.

3.Accurate self-tuning PID  temperature control system,strong mixing ability;

4.The casting has high chromaticity,,gesture sliding LCD screen,Chinese and English switching,and simple operation.


Its Technical parameters:

Equiment model:DF. 00002、DF. 00004、DF. 00005、DF. 00006、DF. 00008

Power supply voltage:three-phase 380V 50/60Hz 20kw

Single phase:220V,50/60Hz,15kw

Heating temperature:1200/1450℃ K/R

Cooling system:3P chiller with water flow greater than 100L/min

Created on:2022-09-07 18:49