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UK imported high quality our casting investment powder with strict quality standards control,factory passed IS09001 equipped with advanced R&D testing facilities and professional engineers.

All helps us to figure out the best solution during the process of new products design and audit.

Different series are available for various requirement to make a smooth,perfect surface casting items.We have50 pounds and 100 pounds package.As the increased requirement or palladium and platinum casting,we inported Japan A-I(min) casting investment powder.Wat’s more,considering the cost factor we developed Yihui Brand casting investment powder for palladium and platinum casting,which is morewelcomed in domestic market.

#Our Yihui gypsum powder powder mixing ratio

1.Casting investment powder 1000g.

2.Water 380~400ml(Water temp about 22℃)

3.Pour water into mixing canber,then add casting investment powder.

4.Start micing for 3.5~4mins.

5.Inject mixed investment powder into flasks,then start vacuum 1.5~2mins.

6.Take the flasks out,and wait 60~120mins before burning it.

#Burn process:

1.Put the flasks fulled with investment powder into oven,turn up the temp to 270℃ within 60mins,and keep at 270℃ with 180mins.

2.Rise temp evenly from 270℃ to 730℃ in 150 mins.

3.Keep at 730℃ with 180mins.

4.Start casting when the temp turn down to around 630℃.

Created on:2022-08-17 18:51