Practicability of graphite crucible

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Yihui brand graphite crucible is a high-grade refractory vessel made of special high-purity, high-strength and high-density graphite materials for smelting and casting copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, gold, silver and various rare metals.


Instructions for use:

1. Put it in a dry place after use, and avoid rain invasion; bake it slowly to 5000C before use.

2. The material should be added according to the capacity of the crucible. Do not squeeze too tightly to prevent the metal from thermal expansion and cracking the crucible.

3. When taking out the molten metal, it is better to scoop it out with a spoon, and use less calipers as far as possible. If calipers and other tools are used, they should be consistent with the shape of the crucible, so as to avoid local excessive stress and shorten the service life.

4. The service life of the crucible is related to its usage. It should be avoided that the strong oxidation flame is sprayed directly on the crucible, which shortens the service life of the raw material.


Characteristics of graphite crucible:

1. Less investment. The price of graphite crucible is about 40% lower than that of similar furnace.

2. The user does not need to manufacture the crucible furnace, but our business department provides a complete set of design and production.

3. Low energy consumption. Due to reasonable design, advanced structure, novel material and tested results, the energy consumption of graphite crucible is lower than that of the same type of furnace.

4. Less pollution, because clean energy such as natural gas or liquefied gas can be used as fuel, less pollution.

5. Easy operation and control, as long as the valve is adjusted according to the furnace temperature.

6. The product quality is high, because of the convenient operation and control, good operation environment, the product quality has been guaranteed.

7. Energy can be widely used, such as natural gas, gas, liquefied gas, heavy oil, diesel, etc. it can also be used for coal and coke after simple restructuring.

8. Graphite crucible furnace has a wide range of temperature application, which can be used for melting, heat preservation or both.


Technical performance of graphite crucible:

1. It has good heat transfer performance, equivalent to the composite iron crucible, high thermal efficiency and 1 / 3 energy saving.

2. It has long service life, reduces downtime, and is resistant and corrosive to oxides.

3. It's easy for staff to operate. It can be used after drying. No coating is needed. No iron is added to liquid aluminum and castings.


Created on:2021-03-06 10:06